URS announces Saturation Plug-in v2.5

URS Announces Saturation Plug-in v2.5 is now available for RTAS, Audio Units and VST Mac OSX Leopard and Tiger, Windows XP and Vista, and is ProTools 8 compliant. Version 2.5. is a free upgrade for existing Saturation users. The URS Saturation plug-in v2.5 includes ten vintage analog algorithms. The six digitally recreated Pre Amplifiers add different and distinct vintage even and odd ordered harmonics, input stage saturation and soft clipping.

The six Pre Amplifier Saturation algorithms include:
* Class A Tube Mic Pre Amplifier – Vintage Motorcity
* Class A Tube Mic Pre Amplifier – German
* Class A Discrete Pre Amplifier – British
* Class A Discrete JFet Pre Amplifier – Modern
* Class A Tube Mic Pre Amplifier – 1951
* Class A Tube Mic Pre Amplifier – Tape Deck

The Two Mono Tape Head algorithms add Analog Tape saturation. This non-linear saturation produces a smoothing effect on high frequency transients:
* 15ips Tape
* 30ips Tape

The Transformer Core Saturation algorithms adds non linear transformer core saturation as found on vintage consoles, tape machines and outboard gear:
* Transformer American
* Transformer British

Try the different URS Saturation algorithms on all your favorite tracks – Drums, Guitars, Bass, Keyboards and Vocals. Hear the added warmth!


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