Adern announces two new plugins for the Scope platform

Adern is proud to announce the release of two new plugins for the Scope platform. Xor is a Variable Wave synthesizer. Xor’s combination of varying waveform oscillators, rich sounding multi-mode filter, diverse pattern LFOs and intuitive modulation routing allows the creation of new and exciting soundscapes revealing the darker, and electric side of Scope – like never before.

Xor is the bad boy on the block, and he’s your friend. Prepare to generate big fearless Sequences, raging mad leads, hefty basses with attitude and pads of eternal darkness with Xor.

Mojo is an ultra dynamic guitar amp emulation.  Mojo has been designed to achieve the most expressive tone in current emulations, have a smooth, elegant, very light crunch and be extremely dynamic and touch responsive.

Mojo’s character is unique, yet its sound palette is rich, ranging from blazing hot lead guitars, through scooped and crunchy blues sounds, to sensitive and dynamic clean tones.

Xor and Mojo have fully functional demos on adern’s site.

Celebrating the release, Adern’s online shop is offering a time limited discount to all of its products until May 1st 2009.



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