Brainworx bx_dynEQ mini plug-in bundle

Brainworx has released bx_dynEQ, a mini plug-in bundle containing bx_dynEQ mono, bx_dynEQ stereo, bx_dynEQ M/S and bx_boom.

The concept of the bx_dynEQ is a truely NEW approach to dynamic EQ-ing, using innovative M/S features to allow for results not possible with any other EQ.


The stereo version introduces our unique “cross-feed” M/S feature, which allows M & S signals to actually “trigger” each other! An impressive selection of filter types including our new Brainworx band-pass filters and our trademark Bass-Shift and Presence Shift filters make this EQ an engineers swiss knife. Preset knobs in the GUI enable the engineer to find good starting points fast and easy despite of the complexity of this new monster…

bx_dynEQ is not only an EQ, not even only a dynamic EQ, but it also is a true dynamics processor and an EQ system – at the same time.

bx_boom! is actually the ONE bx_dynEQ preset demonstrating the superior M/S features of this EQ best. Stripped down to only 2 parameters and an intuitive graphic design this tools enables you to attenuate or boost the impact of your bass drum sound – in a final mix (!) or a complete stereo drum-loop.




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