H.G. Fortune The Dreammachine V.2.2 released

Update of The Dreammachine V.2.2 featuring a lot of enhancements. New since V.2.2 is Smooth AR at the Note Seq which enables to set an Attack and Release at note change. 

The controls have been reworked too with an adaptation of the X/Y SuperModulation of the STS-33 in order to have a more efficient and even deeper control.

It is a self running machine which can be transposed so this is ideal e.g. to provide backings of complex athmospheres and soundscapes for live performances. The concept of the Dreammachine is based on very slow running LFO being used for wavesequencing and modulations. Thus realtime editing is not as one might expect it. – This is a machine for slow motion.

The Dreammachine Pro is available now for 99Euro and comes with a new OneShot sf2 file while the free version will remain in its current state of prior version 2.d.

H.G. Fortune



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