Overloud updates TH1 effect suite

Overloud TH1, is the 4th genearation engine-powered, Custom Guitar Effect Suite. Version 1.1 offers a large set of new features and models together with improved functionality. To celebrate the release of version 1.1 and the introduction of the user-customizable IR-based cabinet, Overloud is giving a copy of the full version of Recabinet TH1 Edition, a value of $39, to every person registering TH1 between now and April 6th, 2009.

– More than 100 new features
– 2 new amps, 4 channels, 10 modes
– 12 new modules: Expander Gate, 4 Delays, 1 Reverb, 2 Graphic EQs, Cabinet IR, 3 Flanger
– full MIDI remote control with advanced implementations
– Module Presets
– and much more.

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