Rayzoon releases Jamstix 2.5.1 update

Rayzoon has released version 2.5.1 of its virtual drummer Jamstix. This update provides several bug fixes and enhancements. It is available now to all Jamstix 2 owners at no charge.


  • fixed a bug causing data not to be saved to the host anymore after composing fill with either snare or tom focus being zero
  • fixed freezing when right-clicking on brain controls to assign MIDI controller
  • fixed MIDI export and drag-&-drop always using channel 1
  • fixed problems when trying to preview drum kits with a Jamcussion kit already being loaded
  • fixed MIDI LEARN mode not writing to selected brain (drums or percussion)
  • fixed incorrect bongo/conga mapping in ‘Map GM’ mode
  • fixed ‘No 16th Shuffling’ fill option not saving correctly to project file
  • fixed internal sounds not playing under certain circumstances
  • kit editor sound edit groupings are now remembered for the duration of the session
  • improved MIDI import in EZX Percussion mode
  • improved fill focus behavior with snare or tom knob at zero
  • MIDI LEARN now works in bar preview mode as well
  • all actions that lead to a skipped event now display the reason in the status bar when the mouse is moved over the event in the bar editor
  • double-clicking on empty cell in the bar editor now adds the most common sound for the limb
  • double-clicking on used cell in the bar editor now removes the event
  • added ‘Start Crash’ option to the fill controls to add a crash cymbal on the last heavy tick before the fill
  • added ini option ‘REAPERBypass’ to suppress any data save to REAPER unless the CTRL key is depressed. This should only be used if a user is annoyed by delays caused when REAPER continually asks Jamstix for the save data




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