Antares launches Online Community

Antares Audio Technologies today announced the launch of the Antares Online Community. Located on the web at, the Antares Online Community is a place where Antares product users (and prospective users) can gather to exchange information, compare notes, and get to know other Antares users from around the world.

The centerpiece of the community is the Antares Community Forum, where Antares customers can share their musical and recording experience and insights, ask for and offer help with Antares products, as well as offer product feedback and suggestions. It’s also a place where they can meet other Antares users, discuss their own music-making, and post links to their musical projects.

When a user registers as a community member, they not only gain the ability to participate in the Antares Community Forum, but can create a personal home page where they can upload a variety of media and
customize to their heart’s delight.

Whether it’s audio examples of their music, videos of performances, or photos of their studio setup, they can easily share with other community members (as well as members of the Antares team). They can also communicate with other members by posting comments on their home page walls or sending private messages.

“We have come to recognize that Antares customers cumulatively represent the entire gamut of music-making experience and that they’re extremely enthusiastic about the opportunity to share that experience,
along with their unique insights,” said Marco Alpert, Antares VP of Marketing. “With the Antares Online Community, we’ve created a venue where Antares product users can connect with other users, as well as
provide direct feedback to those of us here at Antares. It’s our expectation that all of us in the community will be enriched by this interaction.”

The Antares Online Community is now live at




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