Serato ITCH goes into Overdrive for Digital DJs

Serato Audio Research are proud to announce the release of a new version of their Serato ITCH DJ software. Serato ITCH 1.0.5 is free update that adds new mixer settings and enhanced performance for Numark NS7 and Vestax VCI-300 owners.

Serato ITCH 1.0.5 adds new Overdrive and Equalizer settings. Overdrive levels have been added to both the master and headphone outputs. Overdrive lifts the apparent volume level and can add a unique warmth to the sound of the overall mix through the master output. On the headphone output, overdrive can boost the signal to less efficient headphone models.

Another new mixer setting in Serato ITCH 1.0.5 gives DJs the ability to disconnect the crossfader. This setting gives DJs the option to use channel fading and frequency mixing techniques. To further support this style of mixing, Serato ITCH also offers a choice of equalizer settings, offering a 12dB option for more extreme cuts.

“ITCH is the perfect platform for us to explore internal DSP mixing, audio processing and a range of different controller concepts from specialist hardware manufacturers,” reports Sam Gribben. “Serato are committed to giving customers more reliable play time and less payable updates.”

Serato have developed a proprietary HIDI technology to increase reliability and speed of communication between their software and partnered hardware. The company also insists on using kernel level audio drivers to deliver the tightest performance possible. The ITCH hardware does support ASIO and Core Audio drivers. This means they can pass through audio from other software applications and audio sources. The new ITCH update further increases the performance of the audio drivers for supported ITCH hardware. The aim of the project is to co-engineer future controllers for professional DJs. Itʼs no secret that Serato are working with many manufacturers on new approaches to DJing and live performance.

The first Serato ITCH controller from Vestax, the VCI-300 shipped mid 2008 and recently won a Remix Technology Award for Best Digital DJ system. Numark engineers and Serato developers have also cocreated the Numark NS7 controller which shipped worldwide last week.

Serato ITCH 1.0.5 is a free update and available now from



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