Zplane AtAAK!

zplane.development, a research-focused company providing state-of-the-art music processing/analysis technology to the audio industry, announces a new licensable technology: AtAAK!

AtAAK! provides the mechanism for the automatic synchronization of two similar audio files. By analyzing the similarity over time between the files AtAAK! automatically applies time stretching to one file to synchronize the audio files. Thus, timing differences between different tracks of recordings can be automatically or semi-automatically be removed.

“This SDK is a fusion of our research results on new music analysis systems with our work on artifact-free time-stretching solutions,” said Alexander Lerch, CEO of zplane. “We are looking forward to how our partner companies will use this new addition to our tool set.”

Typical applications are the adjustment of timing between two vocal lines, the automatic tempo correction of different recording takes when editing classical music and the automatic synchronization of overdubbed and (distorted) original speech.

Key features of AtAAK!:
• Simultaneous measurement in four domains: Pitch, Timbre, Loudness and Onset Times providing optimal customization for each file the process is applied
• Industry standard élastique Pro time stretching engine integrated into the SDK
• User-definable reference sync points



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