Jazzistic new soundcard for MOTU BPM and MachFive

Ultimate Sound Bank has just released Jazzistic, the first add-on soundcard designed specifically for BPM and MachFive. Jazzistic gives you complete access to BPM-compatible kits, patterns, loops and individual sounds, just like BPM’s included library. You will find authentic sounds and instruments entirely dedicated to the artistry of jazz music: drums, double bass, jazz guitar and electric keyboards.

A massive collection of jazz drumming – The Jazzistic collection focuses mostly on drums, including different styles, tempos and drum sticks. You gain instant access to more than a thousand loops and phrases, from the most basic to the most sophisticated jazz patterns:

  • Swing

  • Brushes

  • Latino

  • Herbie

  • Funky Jazz

  • Big Band

  • Breakbeat

Played by the most talented and inspired jazz players, Jazzistic material was expertly produced and engineered. Recording sessions were planned and conducted with an authentic jazz vibe in mind.

Included are extra brushed drum sounds recorded in outstanding conditions in one of the largest studios in the world. Also included are more than 200 jazz patterns, which can be loaded in BPM along with the drum kits for virtually unlimited combinations.

The result is that classic jazz sound with a swinging yet modern attitude. This is the ultimate jazz loop collection for comping a vintage vibe or remixing jumpin’ grooves!

Jazz instruments included – Jazzistic also includes essential double bass and guitar loops, played with finesse and good style. Since UVI’s Jazzistic library integrates directly with BPM you can simply click BPM’s Instrument tab for ready-to-play jazz instrument presets:

  • Two excellent-sounding double basses

  • Several clean jazz guitar tones

  • Vintage Rhodes MK1

  • Selection of Hammond B3 sounds

  • Drum kits

Jazzistic can inject the true soul and natural attitude of jazz into your sound. Who said BPM was only for urban music?

Price : $149




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