KongAudio ChineeSheng The Mouth Organ of Concord

As one of the earliest and most commonly recognized Chinese instruments, Sheng, a free-reed, mouth-blown instrument, which can be traced back to at least 3,000 years ago, has withstood against time and still is a vital key piece in today’s Chinese music. Sheng has marked the Chinese life deeply. Today Chinese still use an ancient idiom to refer those who live the way of partying all the time as “singing and playing Sheng every night”.

Sheng is also said to have inspired the creation of Accordion and Harmonica. Due to its portability and the polyphony nature, Sheng is one of the few common accompanying instruments in Chinese music. It’s a must-have for anyone scoring a more comprehensive Chinese-themed music.

The modernized Sheng is extremely versatile and expressive in its own right, with a wide note range, as well as the broad tonal textures, as demonstrated in our official audio demo.

A special note on the recording musician: He Yuan, who is a distinguished performer, composer, professor, and also an active member of the classical Chinese music community. He has won many provincial and national awards in various categories, and He has toured overseas many times. With the help of He, the nuances and intrinsic delicacies are faithfully captured.

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