miniMusic releases Pianofly for iPhone and iPod Touch

miniMusic has released Pianofly, a music synthesizer and piano keyboard application for Apples iPhone platform.

Pianofly includes never before seen features like a scrolling, multi-touch keyboard.  Sound is generated by a powerful FM synthesizer, with an elegant interface allowing anyone to create and edit instrument sounds easily.  Make quick adjustments while performing, altering sounds on the fly!

The first feature you notice in Pianofly is the keyboard.  Other piano applications for the iPhone generally show just one octave of keys, then use tiny arrow buttons to shift up or down an octave.  Hogwash.  That’s the kind of piano you’d use with a mouse!  The keyboard in Pianofly moves with you, scrolling as you play; let your fingers fly up and down the full 88 key piano!  This is how on-screen pianos always wanted to work, but didn’t know how.

Then you notice the sounds.  Eight pages full of customizable instrument icons.  Just tap one and start playing.  Want to design your own instrument timbre?  Of course you do; double tap on an icon and the editor is revealed.  You actually see the waves and adjust their lengths to set frequencies and change waveforms.  Rewire the nodes for modulation.  Double tap on a node and edit its ADSR envelope for smooth amplitude changes: give it a hard, fast attack or fade it in slowly, rising gently on the breeze.  Don’t forget to use any photo or image to make the perfect icon for your new instrument.

Pianofly can make a huge variety of sounds.  You can play them alone, or jam with a song from your music library.  A great way for DJs to add cool effects over their playlist or for students to practice.  Come out of your musical cocoon; make music anywhere with Pianofly in your pocket.

Planned improvements include multi-track recording and additional wave types and effects like reverb or flange to design even more elaborate sounds.  The sky is the limit for Pianofly (are you getting all of these puns?).

Pianofly is available now from the Apple App Store at an introductory price of only $1.99 USD.  After the introductory period, the normal price will be $2.99 or higher as additional features are added.

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