New Reverb plugin from Rob Papen in full development

Just recently Rob Papen released his latest VSTi SubBoomBass. However that doesn’t mean he is leaning back and enjoying some rest. At this time he is very busy working on another project (together with RPCX). Not a virtual instrument but an effect plugin.

The new project is a reverb plugin. It will not be a ‘convolution reverb’. This reverb is based on a new algorithm by RCPX (Rob Papen and Jon Ayres). What we know already is that it gives the processed audio a surprisingly warm sound and new types of colouring. An early comment from Armin van Buuren was that it sounded ‘bizarly good’.

However, as we learned from Rob, this new reverb plugin is still in development. Layout, GUI and even the name still have to be finalised. Details on beta testing, specifications or release are still unknown. As soon as Rob releases more info you’ll find it here.



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