Tone2 releases Warmverb Multi-FX 1.1 update

Tone2 are pleased to announce the 1.1 update of Warmverb, a modular multi effect plugin with routable modules and 38 types of effects.

Warmverb gives you the flexibility to program and combine effect chains using high quality effects and up to four effects per multi-effect program.

With an easy to use graphical user interface, an intelligent ‘Randomize’ button and 150+ presets giving you instant access to vocoders, pitch shifters, distortion, modulators and a large selection of essential effects, new sounds and inspiration are just a click away.

New features:
    * Additional serial routing scheme
    * Bypass knobs for the effect modules
    * Three reflection effects: early reflection, reverse reflection and gated reflection
    * Aliaser effect
    * Trancegate effect
    * 43 new presets

Changes and fixes:
    * The vocoder is now MIDI controllable
    * Improved sound for ‘Reverb large’ and ‘Reverb Ultra’ effects
    * Improved performance
    * Stereo enhancer’s left and right channels were swapped





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