BIAS Master Perfection Suite updated to version 1.2.1.

BIAS announced today that the Master Perfection Suite, a powerful ensemble of six professional audio processing plug-ins, has been updated to version 1.2.1 and now offers full compatibility with Pro Tools 8 on Mac and Windows computing platforms. In addition, version 1.2.1 features dozens of new presets for mixing, mastering, and special effects. The Master Perfection Suite is aimed at musicians, recording and mastering engineers, audio and video editors, sound designers and other audio professionals.

Master Perfection in Your Favorite Host
The Master Perfection Suite integrates with a broad range of Audio Units (Mac), RTAS/AS(Mac/Win), and VST(Mac/Win) compatible host applications including: Peak, Audition, Cubase, Digital Performer, Live, Logic, GarageBand, Pro Tools, Sonar, Sound Forge, and more. This value packed plug-in bundle includes: Repli-Q (spectral matching), PitchCraft (pitch correction/manipulation), Reveal (analysis), Sqweez-3 & -5 (multi-band dynamic processing), SuperFreq (paragraphic EQ), and GateEx (gate/expander). The Master Perfection Suite plug-ins are also available as single editions — making it extremely affordable for customers to order the plug-ins à la carte.

EQ Matching with Repli-Q:
Repli-Q not only provides high quality spectral matching, but also the ability to improve an improperly equalized track. Users can also rely on Repli-Q to assist with mastering for different delivery targets. With a stereo mix equalized for delivery in a compressed file format such as MP4 (AAC), Repli-Q can help repurpose it for CD or DVD and can also help ensure equally optimized playback in multiple listening environments. Other applications include voice-over matching where an original take recorded in one environment and an overdub recorded in a different environment need to match. Repli-Q employs a linear phase equalization algorithm to ensure optimum results.

Multi-band Compression with Sqweez-3 and Sqweez-5:
The Master Perfection Suite includes two powerful multi-band compressor/limiter/expander plug-ins — Sqweez-3 (3 band) and Sqweez-5 (5 band). Like Repli-Q, both Sqweez-3 and Sqweez-5 incorporate advanced linear phase equalization algorithms from BIAS. Sqweez-3 and Sqweez-5 both offer graphic per-band viewing/editing of threshold and EQ. Each band may be soloed and/or bypassed individually, and a convenient “auto gain” button compensates for loudness variations due to compression. Additionally, a variable “digital ceiling” slider controls the clipping headroom of the integrated soft clip function.

Advanced Pitch Correction and More with PitchCraft:
PitchCraft is a real-time pitch correction/transposition plug-in that also offers the ability to manipulate the signal to achieve creative effects. Professionals can rely on PitchCraft to fix out-of-tune vocals or other single voice instruments easily and with minimal artifacts, thanks to a powerful pitch-shifting algorithm. PitchCraft may also be used to obtain “over-corrected” effects — popularized by many of today’s leading vocal artists.

Professional Audio Analysis with Reveal:
Reveal combines seven powerful tools in a single plug-in interface — Oscilloscope, Peak and RMS Power History, Spectrogram, Pan Power, Spectral Analysis, Lissajous Phase Scope and Peak and RMS Level Meters. An “all” view displays every tool in a single window.

Paragraphic EQ with SuperFreq:
A power suite of mastering-quality 4, 6, 8 & 10-band parametric graphic equalizers with everything for professional caliber equalization, including -18dB to +18dB Gain Values; 0.1 to 30 “Q” (bandwidth) values; sweepable frequencies from 20Hz to 20kHz, individual band bypass buttons; 24dB stereo input/output meters; and filters including Peak, Notch, High Shelf, Low Shelf, High Cut, and Low Cut.

Gate and Downward Expand with GateEx:
Featuring waveform and graph displays and a suite of advanced parameter controls, GateEx effectively removes signals below an assignable threshold while the integrated downward expander helps reduce residual unwanted content.

Pricing and Availability:
The Master Perfection Suite is now available for $599 US SRP through authorized BIAS resellers and distributors worldwide, and directly from BIAS. While the suite offers a significant savings, the individual plug-ins may be purchased separately via download or boxed retail editions and range in price from $59 to $149 US. Registered users of Master Perfection Suite or individual Master Perfection Suite plug-ins may download the version 1.2.1 update at no charge from the BIAS web site. The full Master Perfection Suite is also available as part of the Peak Pro XT package.

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