Cakewalk SONAR V-Studio 100 shipping

Cakewalk, the world leading developer of powerful and easy to use products for music creation and recording, today announces the SONAR V-Studio 100 portable music production studio is now shipping worldwide.

The multi-function V-Studio 100 provides a compact and portable solution for the most critical functions needed by the musician, singer-songwriter, MC, producer, or engineer on-the-go, regardless of whether they use a Mac or PC.

Highlights of the SONAR V-Studio 100 include:

  • High speed USB 2.0 Audio Interface (Mac/Win)
  • Universal DAW Controller (Mac/Win)
  • Personal Digital Mixer
  • SD Wav Recording/Playback
  • VS Production Pack suite of Virtual Instruments and Effects (Mac/Win)
  • SONAR VS Digital Audio Workstation (Win)

Use SONAR V-Studio 100 with or without a computer
Musicians can take control of their music production by using the V-Studio 100 as a 24-bit/96 kHz high speed USB 2.0 audio/MIDI interface and universal DAW controller. The unit also includes the VS Production Pack, a powerful suite of high quality instruments and effects. The VS-100 hardware and VS Production Pack have been designed to enhance productions on both Mac and Windows in conjunction with popular DAW software including SONAR, Cubase, Logic, Ableton Live, and others. For PC customers getting started with digital recording, SONAR V-Studio 100 includes the SONAR VS digital audio workstation.

When inspiration strikes, the VS-100 is the ideal tool to get ideas down fast, without the need to boot up a computer. In standalone mode, the VS-100 hardware functions as a personal digital mixer and SD Wave recorder. Musicians can use the VS-100 to record and mix rehearsals and live gigs and can also use it to play backing tracks (even while recording). Customers can then simply transfer the stereo recordings to their favorite DAW software to use as the basis for new tracks, for further editing and sweetening, to upload to the Internet, and more.  

Second product in the next generation V-Studio line
SONAR V-Studio 100 is the second product in the next generation V-Studio line of Cakewalk branded hardware and software solutions from Cakewalk and Roland. Following the release of the flagship SONAR V-Studio 700, two great music technology leaders have again combined the best in hardware and software engineering to address the varied needs of today’s modern music producers and performing musicians.  

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