de la Mancha Scylla hybrid sampler – synth instrument released

de la Mancha is pleased to announce the arrival of Scylla, a new hybrid sampler/synth instrument, co-developed with Singing Crane, the same duo that developed Octav8r.

Scylla is a mythical 6-headed beast with a fearsome bite. It is also a real 6-headed beast, in the form of a VST instrument that combines sample playback with subtractive synthesis to produce a wide variety of sonic possibilities. 3 samplers and 3 different types of oscillators allow many forms of sound design, including wavetable, granular, sample looping, phase distortion, morphing and spectral synthesis. More spice is added with granulizing, ring modulation and all the (un)usual envelopes, LFOs and filter options

Included in the package are 165 original samples, including single waveforms, tuned loops and diverse recordings. The default bank of 128 presets by brian botkiller cover leads, basses, pads and fx.

For unlimited possibillities, you can also load your own samples in Scylla and use the inbuilt custom looping, granular playback and other sampler options to make new sounds out of old ones

There is a demo VST available with a cut-down set of samples and presets, which cuts to silence for 1s every 10 seconds. There are also some audio demos available from the Scylla webpage.

Scylla is available now for Windows based VST hosts and costs just $24. It is also available in a bundle with Octav8r for $38, saving $10.




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