Waldorf Largo now shipping worldwide

Waldorf today announced that as from today Waldorf Largo is on its way to conquer the world. Assisted by a jam-packed installation CD and a printed bilingual manual, Largo is ready to enlighten the computers of its disciples.

Largo is the first pure software synthesizer with Waldorf DNA. Largo mirrors the technology used in Blofeld and Q hardware synthesizers. As with every Waldorf instrument, ergonomics are a core feature on screen as well. Your eyes will be pleased with a clearly structured, graphical user interface that supports your workflow intuitively.

General Features:

  • up to 256 voices per instance (depending on available CPU power)
  • up to 4 layers per sound
  • 4 stereo outputs (alternatively 1 stereo sum)
  • host automation of almost all parameters
  • MIDI Controller automation of the most important parameters

Pricing & Availability: Largo costs $299.95 / €165 (+VAT) and is available for Windows and Mac OS X in VST and AU instrument plug-in formats.

For Steinberg Cubase users Waldorf has posted a download of all of Largo’s factory sounds as VST3 presets with sound categories here.




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