Audio Damage re-release Ronin

Via their blog (AnalogIndustries) Audio Damage let us know they will re-release Ronin, a modular multi effect plugin. For existing users it will be a free upgrade. New users will pay $49 instead of the old price which was $69.

In their ‘special’ own words:

“Changes? Many or not much. Depends on how you look at things, I suppose. Enumerated:

New UI. This is the most obvious change. I did an entirely new UI, and in doing so have hopefully made it much easier to figure out what the hell is going on. I’ve also inexplicably made it look like Mac OS 6. I can’t explain that. It just ended up that way.

AU. Yes, there is an AudioUnits version. Ronin’s undersides are now up to snuff with the rest of our product line, and this means full MIDI learn (VST) and AudioUnits.

DSP. Actually, this is worth mentioning inasmuch as it isn’t changing at all. Period. The new Ronin will cross-load presets from the old Ronin, and instantiate in its place. Internally, it is as it ever was. Dare I use the word “vintage” to describe the sound engine? Yea and verily, I do so dare.”

This new version will replace the old Ronin in the AD Webshop. Both pc and mac version are 90% done.

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