de la Mancha Ballistic released

Ballistic is a 15 slot drum sample player designed to get you making beats quickly without a million parameters to adjust. All controls are on one screen and the essentials are built in, but with one stereo output per slot, you can add more effects per slot in your hosts mixer. This keeps CPU low and workflow efficient.

Simple but effective, it boasts flexible midi triggers, sample audition, sample tuning, 4 choke groups, mute/solo options, sample reverse, sample normalisation, a lofi option and several kits of samples donated by many generous sample providers such as Loopmasters, Zero-G, Digital-Redux, Goldbaby, Soniccouture, Real Music Media, Ronnie @ Rekkerd, sink, polyslax and bedroom producers.

ballistic is the little brother to erratic2, which uses the same sample playback engine, but adds many extra features that randomise and humanise the playback, as well as 6 velocity layers per sample and midi out to trigger external synths and samplers. You can find out more here.

And now for the GOOD part! All proceeds of sales of ballistic will be donated to Cancer Research UK, helping them in their aim of beating cancer. More details on their work here. If you buy ballistic for $10, de la Mancha will donate that $10 directly to Cancer Research UK and you get a new plugin and a set of samples from some top sample providers. Sounds like a pretty good deal no? If you can afford $10, even if you aren’t really looking for a new plugin or drum samples, please consider buying in order to help give cancer the bullet.

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