Rob Papen releases Predator 1.5.5.

Predator is a top notch synth that stands out in audio quality but also in wicked synth design and sheer amount of contemporary presets. It is endless popular among top producers worldwide and appears on countless music tracks worldwide!

Now with the release of Predator 1.5.5, it once again sets new standards! Why?

1. Unique filter!
Well the filter or Predator 1.5.5 is probably the only digital filter that can produce resonance feedback with shut down oscillators! So Kraftwerk squeeks and cool FX sounds are easy to make. Just listen to the new percussion bank and also how “fast” and “snappy” Predator’s its envelopes are!

2. Wicked features!
New inside Predator 1.5.5 are the “Split-1 and Split-2” modes filter settings for Filter2. What happens is that Filter 1 and Filter 2 now have a “Stereo Panning amount control” which you can find in the “advance panel”.

Once in split mode “Filter-2” shares the same modulation as “Filter-1”. The only difference is that “Filter 1” and “Filter 2” have still independent “Cutoff Frequencies” which leads to amazing stereo sounds. The difference between “Split-1” and “Split-2”, is that with “Split-2”, Oscillator-1 goes into Filter-1, Oscillator-2 goes into Filter-2 and Oscillator-3 goes into Filter-1 & 2.

3. Amazing reverb!
Predator’s reverb was already very useful and musical. But we have set a new standard for build-in reverb quality for a virtual synth. Hearing is believing, so just dive into the Ambient banks and find out. And also inside the Dance bank 3, you can find some wicked use of the reverb. Because…you can modulate the FX unit using, for instance, the arpeggiator.

4. New presets!
On top of these new wicked features of Predator 1.5.5 we added some fine new presets! Also included is a new DubSteb preset bank and many new other exciting presets.

And… we have a special “Dutch Hardcore / Hardstyle” sound bank for you, make by Dutch legends “DJ The Viper”, “Endymion” and “DJ Isaac”!

RRP: €149.00. Predator is available worldwide. Predator 1.5.5 is a free update for current Predator owners.

Rob Papen



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