Serato release ITCH 1.1 DJ software

Serato are excited to announce the release of ITCH 1.1, which gives DJs more freedom, more music and more ways to connect with their crowd. Owners of the new Numark NS7 and popular Vestax VCI-300 ITCH DJ controllers will experience new custom features, better performance and access to more music faster than ever.

After reaching agreement with major and independent music labels, Serato have now added ITCH support for promotional audio files from their Whitelabel Delivery Network. This ground breaking service from Serato offers DJs access to fresh promotional releases at no charge through

The Whitelabel mp3 will only play high quality when a Serato approved hardware device is connected. If the official Serato hardware is not connected, the audio plays at a low grade preview rate. This unique form of security makes file sharing superfluous and has restored the power of breaking new music to professional

“ has been an amazing resource for our Scratch Live DJs for a while now,” explains General Manager Sam Gribben, “itʼs very exciting to be able to extend this offer to ITCH DJs. is gaining support from a range of professional DJs, using a variety of platforms, which, is invaluable for the participating labels.”

The tedious task of writing down set lists is a thing of the past with the new History feature. Now, ITCH will keep a comprehensive record of every track played, during every gig as a separate list. The ability to export
sessions from History to ‘txt’, ‘csv’, or ‘m3u’ allows professional DJs to play-list radio shows and club sets with ease.

DJs can now customize their column views in each crate and a brand new ʻkeyʼ column has been included as well, to help when ʻsorting by keyʼ. The load time for large libraries has been optimized and the iTunes library can now be collapsed in the crate selector window, giving DJs total control over the organization of their music collection.

Loop Roll is an exciting new looping feature in ITCH that lets you activate a loop on any track with a valid BPM, similar to the existing auto-loop function. When you release the Loop Roll button, the playhead jumps to the position where it would have been if you hadn’t looped. ITCH 1.1 is a free download and is available from



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