IK releases 64-bit drivers for the StealthPedal

IK Multimedia is proud to announce the availability of native 64-bit drivers for Windows® Vista/XP for its StealthPedal range of guitar and bass interfaces/controllers. The new 64-bit drivers include a 32-bit compatibility, allowing users to work with 64-bit or 32-bit audio software applications.

The new drivers are available to registered users of StealthPedal as a free download in the IK User Area, here: www.ikmultimedia.com/userarea. StealthPedal is the first USB-powered guitar audio interface/software controller in a compact wah-style pedal, allowing users to record, play and control the included ³Powered by AmpliTube² software, or any other MIDI controllable software, with the same feel and ease of use as a traditional
guitar pedal.

StealthPedal allows anyone to record guitar or bass with their Mac/PC at the highest possible quality, with 24-bit A/D and D/A conversion and 44.1/48 kHz operation. Two separate inputs are provided for Hi-Z or line level instruments, as well as two separate outputs, plus a convenient headphone output.

StealthPedal also works as a software floor controller: the built-in expression pedal and switch can be associated with any parameter of ³Powered by AmpliTube² software, or any other amp and FX modeling software with MIDI control capabilities. The StealthPedal controls can also be expanded with an additional expression pedal and two extra switches for building a mini-pedalboard rig with preset and single effects control capabilities for full live/recording usage. Users are not limited to controlling amp-simulator software with StealthPedal, as it can control any effects plug-in, virtual instrument or DAW with MIDI control capabilities.

StealthPedal sports a rugged, metal, classic-wah style, compact enclosure with a volume knob and three LED indicators that operate as a status display, tuner or level indicator when used with any ³Powered by AmpliTube² software.

StealthPedal also comes with a massive assortment of software/sounds including AmpliTube Metal (supplied as a free download for a limited time), AmpliTube® 2 Live guitar and bass amp and FX modeling software, standalone and plug-in, Ampeg® SVX UNO, standalone and plug-in bass amp and FX modeling software, AmpliTube X-GEAR for further expandability with all ³Powered by AmpliTube² software, Sonoma Wire Works guitar recording software Riffworks T4 and AmpliGrooves Loops from Sonic Reality.

For more information: www.StealthPedal.com





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