Jeroen Breebaart releases Room Simulator plugin

The perfect listening room – Many have experienced the difficulty to realize a listening environment free of standing waves, undesirable reflections, the perfect reverb time, perfect loudspeaker placement with a flat frequency response, and without any disturbance for others. With Isone pro, a virtual listening room can now be experienced simply using a high-quality headphones. Allowing for full control over loudspeaker type, loudspeaker distance, and room reverb time, the listening room can be fully customized.


  • Prolonged headphone listening with reduced listening fatigue;
  • Audio mixing and mastering over headphones (virtual reference monitoring);
  • Generation of podcasts with binaural (3D) audio.
  • Features:

  • Zero latency processing;
  • Low CPU load;
  • Sample rate support up to 384 kHz;
  • Customizable HRTFs;
  • Customizable listening room and distance;
  • ‘Listen next door’ feature;
  • Wide variety of included loudspeaker models:
    • Acoustic Energy AE2
    • Auratone 5C
    • Avi Pro9
    • KRK V8
    • PMC LB-1
    • Roland DS50A
    • Tannoy Reveal
    • Yamaha NS10M
    • Laptop speakers
    • Portable music player
    • Flatpanel TV

    Jeroen Breebaart




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