Native Instruments introduces ESSENTIAL BASS

Native Instruments today introduced ESSENTIAL BASS, a new KORE-Powered instrument that provides a comprehensive arsenal of visceral, production-ready bass sounds at an extremely favorable price. Based on the KORE PLAYER and its integrated synthesis and sample engines, the instrument covers the full spectrum of the
bottom end, from classic acoustic and electric bass to vintage analog sounds and innovative synthesizer tones.

Classic instruments in ESSENTIAL BASS include fingered, picked and slapped electric basses from renowned sample producers Scarbee and Pettinhouse, as well as an exclusive antique upright bass that was sampled and recreated with painstaking precision. These instruments are complemented with a large selection of inventive, ultra-modern bass tones that take advantage of the integrated ABSYNTH, FM8, MASSIVE and
REAKTOR engines. A further section provides an inspiring range of classic subtractive synth bass sounds that have been carefully sampled from several iconic analog synthesizers.

ESSENTIAL BASS utilizes many advanced soundshaping features of the KORE platform, and can be used both within the free KORE PLAYER and with the full-featured KORE 2 system. Each of the 200 sounds includes eight
morphable variations as well as concise musical metadata for the powerful KORE sound browser. Electric basses come to life with sophisticated articulations based on the integrated KONTAKT engine for completely authentic results, while synthesizer sounds benefit from specific bass features like legato, glide and an adjustable sub bass function for additional subsonic impact.

ESSENTIAL BASS is available for download purchase in the NI Online Shop for $79 / 69 Euro.

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