TC Electronic G-Major2 – Editor and Preset Vault now available

Those of you lucky enough to own a G-Major 2 guitar effects rack just got even luckier – and those of you who don’t, here’s yet another reason to check out the G-Major 2! The new TC Electronic G-Major 2 editor is designed to make using the award-winning effects rack even easier.

Now you can organise G-Major 2’s arsenal of top quality sounds whenever and wherever you like. Use your Mac or PC to edit the legendary TC Electronic presets and organize all the global settings. Tweak, store and pick the perfect presets for that upcoming gig – all from one intuitive editor screen. You can also use the editor to easily make back-ups of your G-Major 2 and create two or more different set-ups, so if you play in more than one band or need to switch between different applications you can now do so quickly and easily. All changes made using the editor happen in real time on the G-Major 2 or, if you wish, you can work ‘off-line’ so you can make adjustments on your computer without having the G-Major 2 connected – great for changing the order of presets, names and even parameter settings while you relax during your down time on the tour bus or plane!

TC Electronic has also announced the G-Major 2 Preset Vault. It is an area on the website for users to upload and share their favourite presets to so that other users can then download them, use them, comment on and even tweak them again! Uploading presets to the Preset Vault is incredibly easy and the Preset Vault can be accessed from the editor.

The G-Major 2 editor has AU and VST support meaning that you can use it as a plug-in within your favorite DAW.

Download G-Major 2 editor




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