Wallander Instruments announces new EPIC Bundle

Wallander announced the availability of the EPIC Bundle, the entire suite of Wallander instruments in a single, value-priced package. With an average street price of under $1,600, the EPIC Bundle delivers savings of nearly $700 over purchasing the WIVI titles individually.

The EPIC Bundle instrument complement includes 71 brass, 47 woodwinds, and 27 saxophones, ranging from traditional Bb trumpet, concert flute, and French horn, to less common but nonetheless essential offerings such as oboe d’amore, contrabassoon, and sopranino saxophone. Unlike standard sample-based instruments, WIVI orchestral instruments are based on acoustic behavioral modeling, a unique approach to sound generation that allows you to easily perform complex dynamics and seamless timbre changes???even in the middle of a note, just like with a real instrument. The end result: a truly remarkable level of expression and sonic realism that simply can’t be achieved with samples.

WIVI instruments are also exceptionally CPU-efficient, allowing literally hundreds of instruments to be performed in realtime on a standard laptop. Instruments can be freely positioned in a multitude of environments, ranging from theater to church to anechoic chamber, and the included WI-Verb DS™ reverb engine, designed specifically for multi-instrument environments, lets users precisely localize each instrument’s position in the soundstage panorama—a critical factor in maintaining the authenticity and realism of multi-instrument source material.

WIVI is designed for use with any Mac or PC VST/AU/RTAS-compatible host DAW. The EPIC Bundle is an exclusive limited offering of MV Pro Audio, and is available now through September 30, 2009, at authorized Wallander Instruments dealers throughout the Americas. For a complete listing, please visit www.mvproaudio.com.

For more information, visit their web site at http://www.wallanderinstruments.com/.



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