Celemony announces Melodyne assistant and Melodyne essential 2

Celemony is proud to announce two new products: Melodyne assistant, which offers the world-renowned Melodyne technology for the editing of vocals and monophonic instruments in a more affordable yet nonetheless improved format, and Version 2 of the bundle edition Melodyne essential, which now runs directly as a plug-in in the Pro Tools environment and brings with it numerous improvements over Version 1.

Melodyne assistant is the most affordable entry into the world of Melodyne and ideal for the correction and optimization of monophonic and rhythmic audio material. The user can with Melodyne assistant correct intonation or timing problems by hand, transposing notes, moving them forwards or backwards in time, deleting them, adjusting their amplitude and their formants, as well as copying them to new locations.

Melodyne assistant works as a plug-in directly in compatible hosts, allowing you to use Melodyne’s possibilities in a particularly convenient manner, and the user can conduct all editing in the context of the other tracks of his project. For the swift editing of a sample between times, Melodyne assistant can also be used as a stand-alone application.

Melodyne assistant will appear, most likely, in the beginning of November and will cost 249 US$ or 199 €. The investment will prove particularly profitable if a user later wants to change to Melodyne editor (also polyphonic material) or Melodyne studio (multi-track), as attractive upgrade options are on the table for each.

“We’re delighted to be able to offer in Melodyne assistant an economical product based upon our new and markedly better Melodyne technology,” says Carsten Gehle, Celemony’s Technical Director. “For users wanting primarily to edit vocals and monophonic material, Melodyne assistant represents a very attractive tool that, in terms of quality and user-friendliness surpasses all previous editions of Melodyne and yet is nonetheless highly affordable.”

Also new is Version 2 of Melodyne essential, which offers the basic Melodyne functions for the editing of monophonic or rhythmic audio material. It is intuitive and simple to operate as well as offering the same sound quality as the new Melodyne editions editor and assistant.

Version 2 now operates directly in Pro Tools as an RTAS plug-in. That makes it still easier to enjoy the rewarding editing possibilities Celemony affords. And not only that: in Melodyne essential 2 you will also find the tried-and-tested Melodyne macros for pitch and time correction.

Melodyne essential 2 is also scheduled to appear at the beginning of November. It will be available only as part of Digidesign’s Ignition Pack software bundle and cannot be acquired separately.

For products registered prior to the 1st June 2009, the update to Melodyne essential 2 will cost 59 US$ or 49 €. For first registrations subsequent to the 1st June 2009, the update will be free.





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