IK Multimedia ARC System TDM available now

IK is proud to announce the availability of the new ARC System TDM for Pro Tools HD Accel. Together with ARC Native, it is the first and only acoustic correction system in a plug-in. Finally you can “take your room out of the mix,” removing the acoustical problems created by untreated rooms, or perfecting even the most professionally treated studio.

With ARC, your music will no longer be influenced by the acoustics of your room, and your music will better translate to the outside world plus reproduce more consistently across a variety of monitoring systems. Now you can finally record, produce, mix and master more precisely in an acoustically corrected studio!

Over 30 reviews and field-tests plus 7 awards and thousands of happy users show that ARC System can improve the sound of any studio.

As a launch offer, available until 30th September 2009, you can purchase your new ARC TDM – either full version, crossgrade or upgrade (for current ARC users) with a special 25% discount off the usual price from our online store using this promo code: TDMSPECIAL.

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