KongAudio ChineeHuluSi released

HuluSi is a free-reed wind instrument of China. “Hulu” is the Chinese name for bottle gourd; “Si”, silk, used here to describe the unrelenting characteristic of HuluSi’s vibrating tail tone.

ChineeHuluSi contains the sampling of two HuluSi’s: a big HuluSi and a small one: a Big HuluSi in G (note range: B3-E5), a Small HuluSi in C (note range: G4-A5), with various types of playing techniques woven within. ChineeHuluSi also features Kong Audio’s new Intelligent Legato and improved keyswitching mechanism.

System requirements and specs:
#325 MB meticulously produced sample sets.
#Windows XP/VISTA. 512mb RAM. NO 64-bit HOST support (Can still be used in 32-bit hosts under 64-bit Windows OS).
#Works in VSTi compatible hosts.
#All samples are recorded in 1-bit/2.8 MHz
#ChineeHuluSi is priced at 60 USD.




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