Native Instruments releases Absynth 5 and Kontakt 4

Next to the KOMPLETE 6 package we posted earlier today, Native Instruments releases new updated versions of ABSYNTH and KONTAKT.

ABSYNTH 5 is an exceptional synthesizer with unique sonic potential. Its speciality is a limitless spectrum of unusual, evolving sounds created using the powerful, hybrid synthesis architecture and sophisticated modulation and effect system – resulting in sounds far removed from the everyday.

With version 4, KONTAKT enhances its position as the professional’s sampler of choice. Building on the outstanding features of the previous versions, including the unrivaled audio engine and state-of-the-art semi-modular architecture, KONTAKT 4 delivers new sonic horizons for your music.

New features in ABSYNTH 5:
Expanded Sound Library – ABSYNTH 5 contains more than 200 new synth sounds, fully taking advantage of the new filter and effects, to create brand-new, unusual sound material. In addition, there are 30 new effect settings for using ABSYNTH 5 as an extraordinary effect unit. In total, the number of ABSYNTH 5 sounds now stands at around 1,800.
The Mutator – With ABSYNTH 5 you do not need deep knowledge of synthesizers or sound design skills to create your own professional sounds. The new Mutator technology represents an entirely fresh approach to sound design, allowing the intuitive combination of sound characteristics from several sounds of the factory library, without dealing with the complex Editor Pages of the oscillators, envelopes and effects sections.
Aetherizer Effect -The new Aetherizer is enormously powerful and versatile. A sophisticated granular effect “decomposes” the sounds in to the smallest particles (“grains”), which are then manipulated and re-assembled in a variety of ways. The results are unusual chorus and vocoder sounds, grain clouds, delays, pitch shifts, reverbs and strange reflections – and everything in between.
– The Cloud Filter has a similar structure as the Aetherizer’s granular effect, but acts in each of the three oscillator channels. It provides granular-based results such as unusual Chorus, Pitch Shift and reverb effects, and can make synth sounds that are dense and aggressive.
– This new SuperComb Filter creates expanding physical-modelling-like sounds with finely adjustable resonance, which means even more realistic, acoustic and voluminous sounds can be achieved.
Filter Feedback – Many filter types in the oscillator channels now offer an additional feedback path for more drastic sound manipulation, creating significantly more complex, dirty and distorted results. This feedback loop allows you to send a portion of the filter’s output back to its input, and makes the use of modulators such as wave-shapers, frequency shifters or ring modulators which vastly increase the possibilities for adding distortion to your sound.

New features in KONTAKT 4:
– The new Authentic Expression Technology sees KONTAKT 4 radically redefining the authentic reproduction of acoustic instruments with all their dynamics and articulations, while adding completely new options for creative sound design. In addition to the traditional way of sampling different volume levels of an instrument statically, AET is able to capture specific spectral characteristics of samples and gradually apply them to another samples in real-time, allowing you to seamlessly “morph” between different instruments’ characteristics. This breakthrough allows for a new level in expression and realism when playing a sampled instrument.
– All in all, an extra 10 Gigabytes of new material enrich the KONTAKT library.
Expanded Convolution Effect Library – KONTAKT 4 comes with more than 300 new and professionally recorded impulse responses from a wide rang of rooms, concert halls, churches, speakers etc, to add super-realistic reverbs to your instruments or the sonic characteristics of high-quality hardware equipment (amps, speakers, hardware reverbs etc.). The new impluse response samples are provided by Echochamber, Studiodevices and Acousticas.
IMPROVED PERFORMANCE VIEWS provide custom control panels, that make Instrument-specific settings available without having to switch to Edit mode. In KONTAKT 4, a much larger control panel is available so each instrument has more important parameters accessible, as well as giving each instrument a distinctive feel through the easy-on-the-eye graphics.
– The enhanced KONTAKT Script Processor gives many more options for designing custom Performance Views and for controlling other KONTAKT areas such as the master section (when writing ‘multi scripts’).
– The complete KONTAKT 4 library has been pre-tagged for your convenience. You can also create custom attributes to tag your instruments according to your own criteria. Attribute-based browsing works for Instruments, Multis, Banks, Groups, Presets, and Samples.
New Lossless Sample Compression format ‘NCW’ with real-time encoding – reducing the size of samples by up to 50%. Instruments with high disk streaming load, such as Grand Pianos, benefit from the fact that less data has to be read from hard disk. Note that the complete KONTAKT library is delivered in uncompressed WAV format – the Lossless Sample Compression is just an option for your choice when you save instruments.

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