New guitar tones for MOTU Digital Performer 7

Digital Performer 7 is now shipping, and headlining the new features are eleven new guitar effects plug-ins that produce authentic guitar tones based on physical modeling technology that emulates classic stomp boxes, amps and cabinets. In seconds, you can start with a pedal, feed the signal to a custom amp, then run it through a vintage speaker cabinet. The result? Amazing tone, which you can then tweak until it’s perfect. Or experiment with virtually infinite combinations in the signal chain. To get started, download these effects chains (as DP clippings) and drag and drop them onto your dry guitar tracks in Digital Performer 7.

How to use these guitar tones
Each guitar tone below is supplied in the form of a Digital Performer clipping, which you can drag and drop from your Mac desktop onto the inserts for a track in Digital Performer 7’s Mixing Board (or Channel Strip). Each tone consists of between two and five plug-ins.

IMPORTANT NOTE: these clippings only work with Digital Performer 7.0 or higher, as they require the new included guitar plug-ins in Version 7.0.

Download all guitar tones
Here is a link that downloads all of the above guitar tones as DP7 clippings.

These DP7 guitar tones were designed by Luca Pilla. Guitar examples played by Daniel Perry and Frank Caruso.





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