Toontrack Music announces The Electronic EZX

Over time Toontrack Music has produced and made available industry leading drum and percussion sounds heard in movies, TV-shows, video games, at live venues and on countless hit albums. They have recorded numerous libraries with hundreds of the finest drums and cymbals totaling 200+ gigs of user content derived from 1,000,000 plus sound files. Until now, its been 100% acoustic. They felt it was time to plug-in, flip the switch and begin sampling electronic drums. It is with great excitement that we introduce the Electronic EZX®. A modern collection of classic, circuit bent and resampled electronic drum sounds suited for any of genre imaginable. The Electronic EZX®, like all their libraries, is optimized for impact, sonic integrity, and immediate usability.

Designed by Brad Bowden and Richard Devine, this EZX® includes 33 meticulously crafted kits with 100+ additional sounds of the most requested electronic kick and snare drums. It also features our ever-popular use of parallel FX processing in the mixer window for unlimited variation and sonic depth. Whatever your style, they got your drum sounds.

House, Techno, Progressive, Pop, Hip-Hop, Rap, Electro, Grime, Jungle, DnB, RnB, Dub-Step, Trip-Hop, Acid, Disco, Crunk, Industrial, Experimental, Noise-core, Hard-core, Minimal, Glitch, Gabba, Ambient, Trance.

If youve heard it, they got it. If you think its not possible, now you can. This is Old School, Modern and Future all rolled into one. The Electronic EZX® will be available Nov 2009.



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