Free FM Synth from de la Mancha

FMMF is a 4 operator FM (Frequency Modulation) synthesizer with 2 primary aims: Make FM synthesis as accessible and user-friendly as possible and use multi-stage envelopes and LFOs to make give lots of movement and modulation.

The waveforms, algorithms and envelopes in FMMF are all shown graphically, with the envelopes allowing dragging of nodes and clicking to change contour. Special attention has been paid to the envelopes to allow you to customise them in many ways, such as the number of stages, the contour of each stage, sustain and repeat points and tempo-sync. There are envelopes for the volume of each operator, the pitch, and the effects section (filter, distortion and delay) all with velocity and key tracking. Further modulation comes in the form of LFO’s for the pitch and effects section, with many LFO waveforms available, including my favourite, randomising.

For further sound design potential you have a low pass filter, a multi-mode distortion and a flexible delay (with comb delay option). An arpeggiator let’s you add even more movement to create rhythmic sequences.

• 4 Operator FM Synthesis instrument with 17 FM algorithms
• 11 different waveforms per operator, with note sync option
• 7 Multi-segment Envelopes (up to 32 stages) for amp, pitch and effects modulation
• 3 LFO’s for pitch and effects modulation
• All envelopes can be free or tempo-sync, each stage can have it’s own contour
• Envelopes can have user defined sustain and repeat points with flexible locking and zeroing options
• LFO’s can be free or tempo sync, with 20 waveforms and phase & note sync options
• Each LFO has it’s own ADSR envelope
• Arpeggiator with 6 modes and adjustable tempo-sync, note length and octave range
• Resonant low pass filter with key and velocity tracking, can be modulated by envelopes or LFOs
• Distortion effect with 18 flavours, can be modulated by envelopes or LFOs
• Delay with comb delay option, size, feedback and damping, modulated by envelope or LFO
• Harmonics can be adjusted from 1 to 256, with limit on frequency beyond Nyquist
• Polyphony adjustable from 1 to 16 voices
• Portamento time
• 64 presets by brian botkiller covering many styles

FMMF was written as an entry into the KVR Developer Challenge 2009, which is an audio freeware competition. It is in VST plug-in format for Windows based hosts only. If you have enjoyed using FMMF or another contest entry, please consider voting from 1st November by clicking here.

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