Novation releases v3.3 of Automap shareware

Novation has announced the immediate release of Automap v3.3, the mapping software that enables the company’s MIDI control surfaces to smoothly integrate with digital audio workstations (DAWs). The new version 3.3 revision takes advantage of Apple’s Logic 9 integration, enabling Novation hardware to control Logic’s native plug-ins and software instruments. Pro tools native plug-ins are also fully supported. In addition, Automap v3.3 is also the first DAW software to fully support the new Novation Launchpad controller.

Because Apple’s Logic 9 music software has Novation Automap technology built in, users of Novation controllers will find it easier than ever to interface their devices seamlessly. The initial device mappings are bundled with the Automap v3.3 installer, with more to follow in subsequent Automap updates.

Novation MIDI controllers that will benefit from Automap v3.3 include: the Launchpad, Nocturn and ZeRO SL MkII control surfaces, plus the full range of SL MkII, ReMOTE SL and Nocturn Keyboards.

Key upgrades and features included in Novation Automap v3.3 include:
– Tighter integration with Apple Logic music software
– Full support for the brand new Novation Launchpad control surface.
– New Pro Tools mappings for Nocturn Keyboard
– Improved Nocturn drum pad calibrations for more sensitivity
– Pro Tools bug fixes
– Default HUI mappings for iPhone

The Novation tech support team has posted a video that nicely demonstrates how powerful the new Logic Automap functionality is, available on the Novation Youtube Channel. Both PC and Mac versions of Automap v3.3 are available for free download.




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