Ohmforce announces new Pricing and Disclaimer

As you might know, one of Ohm Force’s most important goals has always been to deliver top quality audio plug-ins at attractive prices. That’s what they’ve been doing since the very first beginning nine years ago. Nevertheless, despite their internal Ohm values one external and global factor came to change these proportions. Last year’s financial collapse has been like a worldwide earthquake and, in addition of all its global consequences, at the Ohm Force headquarter it made them think a lot about how they’ve been managing their own activity as plug-in makers. And which directions they’d want to take from now. This message does not aim to perform any in-depth analysis of capitalism’s current situation: as a music software company they’d just want to tell you what have been their thoughts. And specially the actions coming from them.

Even when talking about great effects, they do believe that audio plugins are not supposed to be something expensive, exclusive for those with big budgets. They don’t want to let Ohm Force’s effects become some more “plugins for rich people”, what started to happen specially from their American customers’ point of view due Euro’s recent big rise. A few marketing directors could say that there are still enough music producers with comfortable budgets in the world to keep the plugin industry going on but, at least for us, it wouldn’t be fun anymore. So why shouldn’t Ohmforce go beyond the attractive pricing? Shouldn’t good software for making good music actually be affordable, still being a part of the huge revolution made by the computer based music production? Not only it’s time to ask themselves these questions but also to take the initiative to answer them, instead of just waiting other people to do it.

So as an audio software company Ohm Force is doing its part and announcing: they’re globally reducing advertised prices. And it’s not a promo: it’s for real and forever. They still do want to make money and be rewarded for the hard work: it’s still business, but let’s keep it reasonable.



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