So! Serato and Ableton then?

Yep Serato and Ableton are planning something big for next year. All will be unveiled at next year’s NAMM. So that’s it really. Just an announcement….

Here is it in their own words:

“[A long time ago, in a Galaxy far away…] Ableton and Serato announced a creative partnership. One year later, we’re hard at work to make our products play nice together, and we’re gearing up for a big unveiling on January 14, 2010, at the winter NAMM show in Aneheim, California. Keep your eyes peeled on and for more news.

We’re not letting the cat out of the bag just yet, other than to say if you own Ableton Live, and any of the DJ products that use Serato software, get ready to unleash your creativity in 2010!”

So, … we’ll get the details to you at … january 14th. Next year!




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