Wave Arts plug-ins update to version 5.49

Wave Arts announce the 5.49 update for all Wave Arts plug-ins that are part of Power Suite 5 and Master Restoration Suite. This update features official Snow Leopard support on Mac and a number of other fixes and enhancements.


* (Mac) Snow Leopard compatible (fixed graphics glitch)
* fixed RTAS/AudioSuite window bugs (wrong offset, controls behaving strangely if RTAS/AS window open at same time)
* fixed problem with TrackPlug menus sometimes not visible
* fixed TrackPlug Height knob not reverting to default value properly on certain bands
* fixed Mac installer issue (running it the first time would result in Resource Not Found error)
* fixed occasional graphics glitch in MultiDyanamics in which hi/lo arrows appear above frequency display
* fixed pops in MAS versions when using pre-render mode or bouncing
* fixed issue with vintage RMS compression causing constant attenuation for thresholds below -48 dB
* added peak input/attenuation level displays in TrackPlug

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