Celemony Melodyne editor demo now available

The future of audio editing has begun – see for yourself! As of now, the demo version of Melodyne editor is available for you to try out and discover the difference that DNA Direct Note Access technology makes. DNA makes possible that which was previously considered impossible: access to individual notes in polyphonic audio material. Correct wrong notes or even a single note in a piano recording; change the chords of a guitar accompaniment after the recording is over; make whatever alterations you like to a sample lick.

The demo version contains not only the various plug-ins but also the stand-alone implementation of Melodyne editor. All versions will allow you to edit audio material up to 10 seconds in length, but whilst the stand-alone version won’t let you save your work, the plug-ins are subject to no restrictions other than the 10-second limit and will allow you to conduct your first real experiments with Melodyne editor.

You will find the demo version here:
Melodyne editor Demo for Mac OS X
Melodyne editor Demo for Windows




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