Discrete Drums releases the Heavy Mental 2 Multitrack 24 Bit Pro Set

Discrete Drums, a brand of Sonoma Wire Works, has released the long-awaited Heavy Mental 2 Multitrack 24 Bit Drum Recording Pro Set. Heavy Mental 2 is the second set of the popular Heavy Mental series, and is the first Discrete Drums product to be released since its acquisition by Sonoma Wire Works. Recorded by the same dynamic team that produced the critically acclaimed Heavy Mental 1, Heavy Mental 2 builds on an already solid foundation. It was recorded by legendary drummer, Tony Morra, in the world-famous Sound Kitchen “Big Boy” studio, produced by Discrete Drums founder, Rick DiFonzo, and engineered by Steve Marcantonio.

Sound Kitchen “Big Boy” studio

Heavy Mental 2 Multitrack 24 Bit Pro Set Includes:

  • Audio Previews for Easy Auditioning
  • 8 GB of multitrack content
  • 21 Sessions at a variety of tempos
  • 920 parts including Verse, Chorus, Bridge, Intros, Outros, Fills,
  • Solos, Breaks, and more
  • Each Part consists of 13 tracks: Kick, Snare, Hi-Hat, Toms L&R, Overheads L&R, Close Room L&R, Big Room L&R and Gak L&R

List Price: $299 – Introductory sale price: $199 For more information, visit their web site at http://www.discretedrums.com/.





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