Free TC Electronic M30 Reverb

TC Electronic – leaders in the world of signal processing and effects – is giving everyone the chance to download a professional TC Reverb… but hurry – the offer only stands for 72 hours! TC Electronic has been at the forefront of effects development for decades, and their reverb algorithms can be found in the best recording and mixing environments in the world. But from Monday 16th November the sought-after sound of one of the finest reverbs on the planet will be yours to download. TC Electronic’s M30 is a small yet great sounding reverb, and for 72 hours it can be downloaded for free.

M30 is VST and AU compatible, making it the perfect addition to any DAW – Apple Logic and Garageband, Steinberg Cubase, Ableton Live, Cakewalk Sonar…
The M30 will be available after this 72 hour period from the TC online store for a mere US$79, but why pay for the sound of the M30 when you can download it for nothing?

The Catch?
The catch? There is no catch. This is a non-expiring and fully functional plug-in ready to be used with your music. To qualify for a free download of the amazing M30 plug-in all you have to do is register for the TC Electronic newsletter at And that’s it. Simply submit your details on the TC Electronic M30 Free Download page and you could be applying the studio-quality sound of the M30 Reverb plug-in to your audio today.





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