Native Instruments releases four Individual piano emulations

Native Instruments today introduced the BERLIN, NEW YORK and VIENNA CONCERT GRAND as well as UPRIGHT PIANO, four software instruments that offer detailed reproductions of some of the world’s most revered pianos. 

Previously available within the acclaimed AKOUSTIK PIANO, these instruments can now be purchased individually to specifically accommodate a certain sound or musical genre, or as a bundle that offers the full range of piano tones.

All four pianos are powered by the industry-leading KONTAKT engine, and are playable in the free KONTAKT PLAYER as well as the full KONTAKT sampler. The three concert grands and the upright piano recreate each nuance and detail of the original instruments by combining elaborate multi-sampling with sophisticated emulation of soundboard resonance and pedal behavior. Making full use of the advanced sampling and scripting features of the KONTAKT engine, they remain both efficient and convenient to use for a wide range of musical styles and applications.

Each of the original instruments was carefully set up and recorded using a special recording technique that completely minimized room ambience, resulting in pristine sound quality. The BERLIN CONCERT GRAND is based on a modern masterpiece of German piano construction, and carries the original’s vitality and expressiveness throughout the entire dynamic range. The NEW YORK CONCERT GRAND is the authentic rendition of the standard in concert halls worldwide, especially suited for jazz and classical solo material. The VIENNA CONCERT GRAND replicates an acclaimed Austrian piano design, with eight full octaves of powerful, orchestral sound. Complementing the three concert grands, UPRIGHT PIANO offers the warm and intimate tone of one of the world’s best concert pianos.

BERLIN, NEW YORK, VIENNA CONCERT GRAND and UPRIGHT PIANO are available in the NI Online Shop at 69 EUR per individual instrument. A bundle of all four instruments is available for 169 EUR.

Additional information on BERLIN, NEW YORK, VIENNA CONCERT GRAND, and UPRIGHT PIANO including audio and video demos is available at






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