TeamDNR releases MixControl Channelstrip Pack

TeamDNR Collaborative Designs announces the release of MixControl, a flexible channelstrip package consisting of 2 high  quality mixing plug-ins featuring precision measurement equalizers and tight, responsive gate and compressor modules.

MixControl Large is intended as an all-in-one solution for more complex mixing needs, while MixControl Small has a reduced feature set and smaller interface for more general mixing tasks. Key features include:

– 2 Compressor Modes (transparent/colored)
– 3 level detection modes for gate/comp modules
– Ultra-responsive gate
– Internal gate/comp sidechain modules with various filters
– Input/Output FFT view with peak hold viewable on EQ display
– 6 band precision EQ utilizing filter curve measurement
– 13 EQ filter types
    – Low Cut 12dB/24dB/36dB/48dB
    – High Cut 12dB/24dB/36dB/48dB
    – Low Shelf
    – High Shelf
    – Bell (Peak)
    – Band Pass
    – Band Stop
– Brickwall limiter with release control
– 3 band stereo enhancer with auto makeup and band solo
– Dynamics->EQ or EQ->Dynamics processing
– Dynamics metering (envelope follower/peak)
– Sub-preset loading and saving
– Background skinning
– 19,200 sample adjustable delay
– Phase Invert switch
– Input/Output gain control
– 64-bit internal processing
– Extremely low CPU usage

MixControl is compatible with Mac OSX VST/AU and Windows VST2.4/VST3 and is available now. Mac OSX 10.5 or higher is required. MixControl has been successfully tested in Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Windows x64 versions and Mac VST3 versions will be released shortly.

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