Virtual Wurlitzer available from Mokafix Audio

Get back to a time when a new sound could only come from the design of a new hardware instrument. A time when musicians would spend time getting used to any new keyboard, adapt to its character. Mokafix introduces Blue Reeds, the virtual Wurlitzer.

Wurlitzer® electromechanical pianos were produced from 1954 to 1982. Modelled after a Wurlitzer® electric piano mechanism, Blue Reeds will provide that specific edgy sound that made the Wurlitzer® piano stand apart from its main competitor, the Rhodes® electric piano.

Physical Modeling & More…
Blue Reeds is the result of many years of sound analysis and research on physical modeling. The sounds it delivers can be A/B compared to direct input sounds of the real instrument. It doesn’t use modal synthesis or any output oriented approach.

Features list:

  • 4 core pianos presets
  • Velocity curve control
  • Seamless dynamic response
  • Endless sustain decay (no samples = no loops)
  • Advanced parameters adjustments
  • 3 FX slots with 7 stomp boxes each
  • Amp and cab simulation with spring reverb
  • Midi automation on most parameters

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