Yellow Tools Independence Download Instruments released

With immediate effect you can now purchase single instruments and groups of the internationally awarded yellow tools sound libraries even as download instruments: the Symphonic Orchestra of Independence Pro, percussion instruments of Culture, basses of Majestic and saxophones of Candy… just to name a few of them.

You can download the instruments immediately after your purchase and registration in the yellow tools User Area. Both the software sampler “Independence” (part of the Independence Pro 2.5 Software Suite) and the free version “Independence Free” versions 2.5.2 or higher are compatible to the download instruments. All Independence Download Instruments come as E-License so there is NO yellow tools Authorization Key (USB dongle) required.

The first 22 Independence Download Instruments are now available in the yellow tools online shop – and more will come soon, including brand new and unreleased instruments as well as the entire sound libraries of Independence Pro, Independence Basic, Candy, Culture and Majestic.

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