Steinberg HALion 4 Blog Goes Live

Steinberg is pleased to announce that it is working on the fourth incarnation of HALion, its widely acclaimed software sampler, and would like to keep dedicated HALion users posted on important news regarding the development of HALion 4. For this purpose, Steinberg is adding to its social media tools with the launch of a HALion 4 development blog which will feature insights into the ongoing process, interviews and more.

What’s this blog about? It’s an opportunity for Steinberg to give you a window on the current status and the future progress of HALion 4, which has already been under development at Steinberg for some time. Because the release date is still some way away, they want to keep you up to date on the progress and lift the curtain on some of the aspects of developing such a complex and powerful new sampler. And, perhaps, to regale you with other stuff not strictly related to HALion development at all.

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