Urs Heckmann releases Zebra 2.5

Urs Heckmann (U-He) has updated Zebra to v2.5, which includes improved preset management, a new contrast rich user interface, unlimited undo/redo for parameter changes, improved filter algorithms, a new Duophonic mode, 100+ new presets by Howard Scarr, and Zebrify, a new effect plug-in that puts all the goodness of Zebra on any audio track.

New in V2.5:

  • new contrast rich user interface (and up to date Unempty Dark Horse skin)
  • comes with a new effect plugin, Zebrify, which puts all the goodness of Zebra on any audio track
  • massively improved preset management (Favourites, Junk, drag’n’drop organisation, collapsible folders)
  • MIDI Bank Select messages (CC#0) now iterate through directories within MIDI Programs
  • new installer on Windows with freely movable resource path
  • unlimited undo/redo for parameter changes (gets flushed though when a new patch is loaded)
  • optionally works in 2.3 mode to ensure preset compatibility with previous versions of Zebra 2.x (existing presets automatically open in 2.3 mode)
  • ModMatrix souped up to 12 slots
  • new Duophonic mode as seen in some vintage gear
  • vastly improved XMF Filter module with 15 filter types and more – YouTube (click)
  • new “SR Decimate” filter mode
  • improved filter algorithms
  • more coherent volume among signal flow
  • new delay mode and non-syncing delay times
  • improved ModMapper with variable step size and zoomable editor
  • new pre-delay for reverb
  • new Glide2 parameter which offsets Glide for modules with an even number (Osc2, Osc4, FMO2 etc.)
  • Right-Click on any Tab and make it default – whenever you open a Zebra again, it’ll open at that tab
  • bonus bank “Two Point Five” with 100+ amazing new presets by Howard Scarr
  • and more…





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