iZotope Alloy release update

iZotope will be demonstrating it’s newest award-winning plug-in, Alloy, at the NAMM show. iZotope Alloy combines six essential sound shaping tools into one integrated interface. For more information or a demo of Alloy, stop by NAMM booth 6920. Mix Magazine recently named Alloy a Mix Certified Hit and the plug-in was featured in MixBlog’s “Three Plug-ins We Like”. Alloy also gained the attention of Pro Audio Review, who awarded it a 2009 PAR Excellence Award at the AES show in October.

Alloy includes six modules: Equalizer, Exciter, Transient, Dynamics, De-Esser, Exciter, and Limiter. Over 150 MacroPresets combine Alloy’s modules into custom configurations for specific mixing situations, and each preset has a custom Macro layout showing the user simple, useful controls for the task at hand. Advanced users can build their own layouts and move modules around in the signal chain to customize the plug-in.

“With Alloy, we set out to make an ideal set of audio mixing tools with the same design philosophy, attention to detail, and uncompromising sound quality that has made iZotope Ozone such an indispensible plug-in for mastering.” Says Nick Dika, Product Manager at iZotope. “Alloy challenges the traditional ideas of what a ‘channel strip’ plug-in can do, and we’re extremely excited that Alloy has been so well received by the press, by Ozone users, and by mixing professionals around the world.”

iZotope’s award-winning Ozone has become an industry standard for audio mastering, and now Alloy brings the company’s expertise into the realm of mixing with completely new audio effects and workflow features designed for track and bus use. Alloy is designed for any audio mixing application from professional recording and post-production studios to the home studio, and its uniquely configurable interface helps pros work faster while giving less experienced users simple starting points for mixing.

Price and Availability
: Alloy is distributed by iZotope and is available at authorized retailers for $249 MSRP. iZotope Ozone owners can cross-grade to Alloy for only $149 directly from iZotope.

For more information, please visit http://www.izotope.com/.




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