New Denon DN-HC1000S Serato Scratch LIVE Sub-Controller

Joining the new Denon DJ product line up is the DN-HC1000S USB MIDI sub-controller and universal interface for Serato® Scratch LIVE(TM). Ditching keyboard and mouse for an dedicated Scratch LIVE performance control surface, DJs can now use the most popular DJ software programme for digital file libraries to perform exactly as they would with turntables or CDJ decks.

The DN-HC1000S provides hardware control of all the major features, commands and keyboard shortcuts for Scratch LIVE. As a dedicated performance sub-controller for Scratch LIVE, the DN-HC1000S features highly illuminated professional quality buttons and tactile control knobs to free the DJ from the constraints of controlling the software with the computer keyboard and mouse. In addition, it’s bomb proof solid steel encased construction and high grade components, buttons and rotary controls, mark the DN-HC-1000S as a serious piece of professional kit, in keeping with a professional mix console rather than the usual MIDI control toys.

Configured as a dedicated Scratch LIVE sub-controller, the DN-HC1000S can, however, also map other DVS systems as a MIDI enabled controller. And despite its fully professional build specification and über quality controls, the DN-HC1000S is a surprisingly affordable piece of hardware, at just £145 / EURO 149 mrrp (ex vat/iva).

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