Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack

Digidesign will introduce and reveal the new Pro Tools Instrument Expansion Pack at this weeks NAMM. Thanks to the AIR Users blog we have the details for it.

Features summary

  • Very low price (TBA NAMM 14-1-10)

  • One installer

  • One activation code for all instruments

  • 55 GB of linear (uncompressed) sound content – time to buy ANOTHER hard drive!

  • Bug fixes – Pages of them!

  • Lots of performance improvements


  • Enhanced Style editor

  • Improved MIDI export, (MIDI-Record button for easier handling, only one PT MIDI track needed instead of up to 15 in older Strike versions)

  • User Sample Import (YES you import your own samples)

  • Over 10 GB of new content (25 GB total):

  • 2 acoustic new Drum Kits, recorded in Nashville Blackbird Studios (these consist of two full drum kits plus 2 kick drums and 4 snare drums – all sampled in high definition with a vast variety of playing styles and sub-instruments)

  • New Instruments: Bongo Hi, Bongo Lo, Chimes, Drum Sticks, Finger Snaps Single, Finger Snaps Group, Hand Claps Single, Hand Claps Group, Tambourine, Cowbell, Metallic Perc

  • 3 new electronic drum kits

  • 55 new styles

  • 3-D drum animation


  • Giga-Sampler format import

  • Kontakt 3 import

  • Added EXS modulation matrix support (Structure now imports also LFO and Modwheel assignments)

  • Enhanced database (improved usability, automatic re-scan)

  • Digidesign Basic Orchestra (new orchestral content: Digidesign’s own orchestra and it’s beautiful)

  • Digidesign Piano B (new content: custom-made Digidesign grand piano for Structure),

  • Nashville Signature drum kits (From the Nashville sessions at Blackbird studios)

  • Orchestra control features (special MIDI control features to create ultra-realistic simulation of playing styles)


  • New Reverb FX module, (Three reverb types: Ambience, Spring, Room

  • DX Tine Sounds now built in with 9 new tines


  • New “Roland 303” like bassline module

  • New 6-band Parametric EQ effect module for accurate frequency surgery on your loops

  • New Electronic drums created by AIR

  • New Loops from BigFish audio


  • 2 New waveforms for oscillators 1 and 2 (Multi-Saw and Multi-Square)

  • New waveforms for noise oscillator (Blue, White, Mod, Crackle) – Cool for R&B Bass and percussion

  • 256 new patches





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